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Tow Truck Weightlifting


Last week as my husband was driving to a dental appointment, we slid down a hill, unable to stop or even slow down our vehicle, when a concrete retaining wall next to Highway 61 in St. Paul finally stopped us.

Three vehicles stopped to see if they could help us as the vehicle was badly damaged. I would like to saint the Harringtons who live nearby and offered to drive me home, because the tow truck we called was going to take a minimum of an hour and a half to reach us.

A sainted also to the tow truck driver from Arman’s Top Kick Towing who had a very tough job that day. (My husband was in his first few days of retirement when this happened!)

I would also like to saint a young couple who were on Lake Como last August when my small granddaughter and I took a “swan” paddleboat out on the lake.

After we got out on the lake, the wind picked up and, before we realized it, we were on the far side of the lake. We were not getting very far pedaling, as it seemed to be taking forever to get anywhere near the dock.

This nice young couple in a canoe helped push us towards the dock, which would have taken about an hour without their help.

It’s been several months, but I have not forgotten their kindness.

Peg Keller, St. Paul



Sainted: Fr. Paveglio of St. Rose of Lima Catholic Church.

Fr. Paveglio invited all of those who had no place to go after Christmas Eve Mass to enjoy conversations, sandwiches, snacks and beverages with him and others in a room in the church, thus ensuring no one would be alone at Christmas. He represents the true meaning of Christmas.

God bless you, Father.

Alesia Metry, St. Paul



Tuesday, Dec. 20, we lost power at 3:30 p.m. The temperature was a few degrees below zero.

When we reported it to Xcel, we were the only ones in the neighborhood who had lost power, so we were worried it would take a long time for power to be restored.

Lo and behold, a young man carrying a ladder arrived at 3:55 p.m., and our power was restored within 10 minutes.

Poor young man had to climb the pole in that frigid weather. So a huge Sainted to the Xcel employee as well as the company. Thank you for restoring our power so we could be warm.

Kristine Blomgren, Cottage Grove



Thank you to the couple at Mancini’s who paid for our dinner a few weeks ago.

We were out to dinner with one of our sons-in-law, trying to thank him for doing some work around the house and using a gift certificate to Mancini’s.

A very nice gentleman stopped by our table and told us what a great memory it was for him to see us out as he often took his parents out to dinner too at Mancini’s.

We were extremely surprised when our server told us our bill had already been paid and assumed it was the same gentleman; he had already left though so we could not thank him.

So, thank you very much for your generosity and kindness, we will be sure to pay it forward.

Bob & Eileen Fahrenkrug, Mendota Heights



The Perkins Restaurant in Eagan was open on Christmas Day, so my husband and I decided to venture out.  The restaurant was really busy and all the booths were taken, so we took a table instead.

After we were done eating, the cashier came to our table and said our bill had been paid for. WHAT?

I did find out the people in a booth behind us were responsible for this pleasant surprise – but they had already left.

We were so surprised — still thinking about it today and still smiling. It was an excellent idea and I have shared it with my friends who now want to do the same thing for others.

This act of kindness went a long way as even the wait staff were involved, which made them feel good too, as they were in on the secret.

I will always wonder who these generous and kind people are and why they chose us. I do hope they read this column.

What a great start for the new year. Thank you!

Robert and Lillian Ward, Inver Grove Heights

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